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Phototherapy Directives

Phototherapy Directives by Robert Wolf, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, LPsyA:

  1. “Self” Portraits: Create a series of portraits of yourself in various moods, then, as you view the final prints, spontaneously write or draw a reaction of what you see, directly on the mounted photo, using art materials.
  2. Collages: Create personally significant “visual metaphors” through collages made from various photographic prints. You may wish to combine these photos with other art media.
  3. Creative Constructions: Create 3D constructs using photographic prints. Explore various methods of construction and design some method to exhibit your constructs.
  4. Childhood Snapshot Reconstructions: Re-photograph or scan childhood snapshot/s and, using creative techniques, reconstruct the photo/s in a new way. Use of a combination of creative photographic techniques and visual art materials is suggested.
  5. True-self, False-self Portrait: Create a pair of photographs which represent aspects of your True-Self and your False-Self.
  6. Self-Image Construct: Create a photographic construction that symbolically represents your “self-image”
  7. Creative Concept-Elaboration: Take one or more theoretical terms, such as “transitional object,” “transference,” or “projective identifications,” and create a photograph which communicates that concept.
  8. Creative Dyad: Pick a partner, set up and photograph a pose where you are both interacting and elaborate using art materials in a creative way, to communicate or emphasize some aspect of your relationship.
  9. Monster-Self: Create yourself as a monster through creative photography techniques.
  10. Creative Home: Photograph your own, or some other home, which you would have liked to have been your own. Laminate the photograph to sturdy cardboard or foam core and make a construction of the home. Creatively restructure or elaborate.
  11. Creative Portrait Poster: Photograph yourself holding a large blank paper. Once the photo is printed, draw something in the ‘blank’ space.
  12. Inside/Outside self constructs: Using photographs mounted to cardboard or foam-core, create a box-like structure which reflects how you experience your “inner-self” and your “outer-self” in one combined form.
  13. Creative Story: Tell something which you have never been able to tell about yourself through creative photography.
  14. Overlapping Images: Mix images from two or more photographs to create a new image that helps to externalize a thought or feeling.
  15. Photo-book: Create a book using photographs and/or art media, which tells a significant story.
  16. First Memory Photo: Take your first memory and create a photographic image of it.
  17. Dream photo: Create a photographic image of a dream.
  18. New Environment Photo: Take a photograph of yourself or someone else and remove it from the original background. Then, select a new photo of a different environment and move your original image onto the new background.
  19. Creative Timeline: Take a series of photographs of yourself at different ages and place them into a new background. Elaborate the spaces between each image to represent aspects of your life from that period of time.
  20. CD Cover: Design a cover for your first CD.
  21. Book Design: Create a title for a book about your life and design a cover for it.
  22. Poem: Create a poem that is about your life and illustrate it through photography.
  23. Personal Myth: Develop your personal myth and illustrate it through photography.
  24. Self-Image Polarities: Take a full body photo of yourself and change it into your most “ideal self” or most despicable self.
  25. Image Reconfiguration: Take photos of two people and merge them together and place them on a different background.
  26. Creatively Explore: Image transfer media
  27. Creatively Explore: Digital transparent media
  28. Blend Images: Take two or more images and locate them on a new background. Use the “smudge” and “clone” tools to merge the forms.

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