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Thesis key terms and ideas as art

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Suggested readings

It’s official. I’m one week in and already up to the top of my 5’2″ head in books, packets, and assigned readings. I hope this doesn’t sound like a complaint, because I couldn’t be more ready to dive into these topics.

I am currently reading The Magic Years: Understanding and Handling the Problems of Early Childhood by Selma Fraiberg. It has been pretty interesting so far covering topics of anxiety and mental health in human development.

In the meantime, here are other topics I have run into, very early, this semester:

  • The first eighteen months of development
  • Theories involved in the study of development
  • Theory of the mind
  • Attachment theory and psychoanalysis
  • Experiential exercise
  • Authentic movement
  • The history, formation, and uses of art and dance therapy
  • Art psychotherapy

I plan on continuing a topic list as the semester unwinds in order to reveal terms, concepts, and ideas art therapists encounter in the field.

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