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Becoming an art therapist

Creative arts therapies and art therapists have been around for awhile, but I still find myself surrounded by curious creatures wanting to know what art therapy is, what it does, and who it’s for. For instance, when I told my former boss I would be leaving my position to pursue my master’s degree in art therapy, she was absolutely puzzled. Of course, the American Art Therapy Association dedicates an entire web page (and fact sheet) to the definition of art therapy, but I still have trouble articulating what it is I am becoming, what I will be doing, and what populations of people I will be working with.

After having brief conversations with fellow art therapy students during the first week of school, I discovered I wasn’t the only one in this puzzling situation. So instead of trying to be so definitive about a consistently evolving and growing field, I decided I would attempt to document my experiences of becoming, and, eventually, working as an art therapist through this blog.

I do hope this project becomes an informative source for those considering art therapy, because I had difficulties as an undergraduate student finding sources for art therapy experiences and active communities on the internet.

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