Antidotes to professional burnout

There are always challenges of balancing institutional stress and chaos while still needing to be accepted, recognized, and respected within the institutional framework. Dolginko and Robbins (1987) suggest the following as possible ways to avoid professional burnout:

1. We need to put limits on our work so that we have time with friends and family.
2. We need to process our reactions concerning both patients and the institutions within which we work. Ideally, that should be done both verbally and nonverbally in peer groups and informally with other mental health colleagues.
3. We need periods of time to get completely away from our work to replenish our personal resources.
4. We must examine our own issues regarding separation and be able to leave a situation that becomes so toxic that it makes our effectiveness and potential growth impossible. (p. 177-118)

Dolginko, B. G., Robbins, A. (1987). The institution as a holding environment for the  therapist. In The artists as therapist (pp. 116-136). New York, NY: Human Sciences Press, Inc. Schaverien, J. (1985). Creativity and the Institution. International Journal of Art Therapy: Inscape, 3-6.

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  1. This is exactly what I did my thesis on… Self Care for the therapist. I believe that it is SO important but often an under-studied field!

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