Happy New Year!

Many things have transpired in 2009 in both my personal and professional life. The faculty and my peers in the art therapy program at Pratt continue to inspire and encourage my growth as an individual and a professional. The love and friendship from my boyfriend, Scott, of almost two years, has been the light to even my most difficult days. With the added support of family and friends, I don’t know what more I could ask for.

In 2010 I will:

  • graduate with my Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute.
  • finish my thesis!!
  • move to Dallas with Scott, Isa, and Samson so we can begin our lives together closer to family.
  • obtain a position helping the emotional development and well-being of others.
  • continue to use the creative process to enhance my own life and as well as the lives of others.
  • continue to work on myself as an individual, in life, in love, and in relation to others.
  • tackle any bumps in the road as best as I can and move forward.



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