Polyvore collages



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3 responses to “Polyvore collages

  1. You are in good company of art therapists addicted to Polyvore- 🙂
    Isn’t it so much fun? and yes, addicting…. I’m glad you’re part of the art therapy Polyvore community now— I also think its been great visability for art therapy too— the official blog for Polyvore featured our Art. Peace. Sustainability event: http://blog.polyvore.com/2009/09/art-peace-sustainability.html ….pretty cool…. Thanks for the shout out!


    Greetings from another Polyvore devotee! I can relate to the addictive qualities of the tool, and I also procrastinate on homework. The upside, however, is, as you mentioned, the art therapy part. When I am stressed or just need a break, Polyvore is a wonderful way to power down and back up. When I get back to schoolwork I am re-energized and clear headed. I am in debt to Gretchen Miller for getting this ball rolling with the Art Peace Sustainability event.

  3. Interested

    I think the “Love Birds” would make a nice greeting card.

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