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Stroke of Genius: Abilities Borne of Brain Damage

Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius

“From the engineer on disability who became a sought-after digital artist after a stroke to a woman whose dementia spurred remarkable creative output, these 10 artists were all transformed by neurological trauma or disorders.”

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Remembering Beauty

Remembering Beauty

Remembering Beauty

“The Puszkarskis are part of a growing number Alzheimer’s families making a late-in-life discovery of art, as both a source of pleasure and a therapeutic exercise that experts say can slow the terrible progress of the disease.”

“‘People become far less verbal as the disease progresses,’ says Caitlin Agla, a counselor with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. ‘But the art becomes a way for them to still express themselves.'”

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The internal color of the spotless mind

Art Therapy in Egypt

Art Therapy in Egypt

“Very few mental institutions in Egypt include art therapy in their program, though. It is an unconventional method, but it could create miracles with people who find themselves mentally and physically incapable to express themselves; when words fail.”

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New mental health focus on empowerment

Focus on Empowerment

Focus on Empowerment

“Lee Kennedy, who has worked at the center for nearly 24 years, has noticed a significant change in the way mental health treatment has evolved over the last 10 years. The new approach tends to focus on people’s abilities rather than their disabilities.”

“‘I have learned to never underestimate anyone who decides to take on the challenge of change,’ said Kennedy, while pointing out various works of art on display in her office, most of them created by her recovering patients.”

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NYSID Student Wins $30K Donghia Scholarship

Out Patient Health Care Facility designed by Park Daniel

Out Patient Health Care Facility designed by Daniel Park

“As winner of this year’s National Donghia Scholarship Competition, Park will claim a $30,000 gift to help cover the cost of his education, housing, books, and other related materials. Park was selected from this year’s entrants based on a design for an outpatient health-care facility for those coping with incurable diseases. Inspired by a friend living with HIV, the design offers patients a hospitality-like experience, featuring a sky-lighted reception area, a convertible museum for art therapy, a meditation courtyard, and a spa, as well as a research wing.”

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