Michael Jackson fans unite in Harlem

Apollo Theater in Harlem

Apollo Theater in Harlem

Scott and I took a bus tour of the city with my parents and the uptown tour took us through Harlem. We were able see the Apollo Theater for the first time.Fans are still coming out to pay their respects to the music legend.

Next to the theater on the left, with the plastic tarps, is a wall full of items, gifts, and messages in remembrance of Michael Jackson.

On a personal note, Michael Jackson’s music has been apart of my life since birth, and although his personal life may have reflected poorly in the media, his creativity, love, and passion reflected through his music shows, once again, how the arts touch our lives individually, culturally, nationally, and globally.

I still maintain the stance that anything you create (or don’t create) is a reflection of yourself, and what has been created by this man in the years of his life has touched and inspired many.

Apollo Theater

Apollo Theater

Fans pay respects

Fans paying respects


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