Terminating my first internship

“In the past I rarely took the time to ponder my feelings on leave-taking or to explore the many ways in which one person could leave another. I limited myself to a simple “good-bye” and thus avoided experiencing strong feelings. Indeed it has been my practice to deny my feelings on such occasions. When it came time to leave my practicum placement in a small, special education school within a community mental health center, I found myself troubled. I realized that I had worked very hard to establish the relationships about to be severed.”

“At times … [in my work] … I became so caught up in my own needs that I ignored the children’s. … In my eagerness to show before our time was up how much I cared, my patience wore thin.”

“The [art piece] would serve as an aid to memory, and through memory we would remain connected. As I thought about this I realized that I, too, wanted to be remembered.”

[Franklin, M. (1981). Terminating art therapy with emotionally disturbed children. American Journal of Art Therapy, 2, 55-57]


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